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Where we fix and post our stuff.

KERT Landscaping Ltd.

KERT Landscaping Ltd. is a business working in the Tri-City area since 2000. Today, we are strictly known as a snow clearing company.

Kert Landscaping Ltd

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Iconic Carz - Entertainment

 Iconic Carz Signz- Entertainment

Is the fun side of Iconic Carz, Kert Landscaping, and Fun Food Junkies. Were we post events video and picture of all we do.

Iconic Carz -Entertainment


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Iconic Carz-Signz and Apparelz

 Iconic Carz Signz and Apparelz 

is a complete one stop shop for all your business/ personal needs; from signs to shirts and much more.

Iconic Carz -Signs and Apparels


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Fun Food Junkies

Fun Food Junkies  

Is the expand the food side of Iconic Carz. Taking the fun from Iconic Carz and the quality from Kert Landscaping, and building a one-of-a-kind food trailer for everyone to enjoy.

Fun Food Junkies


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 Iconic Carz                778-549-4771

Kert landscaping        604-942-5378

Fun Food Junkies       778-378-4854

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