Our Food trailer is more than just a place to grab lunch… It ‘s an adventure

In 2017 we introduced to our line up, a 20 foot back drop and started doing Photo by donations with Vancouver’s best cos players with proceeds going to the BC Children’s Hospital and other charities.

In 2019, we introduced to our lineup  , Blast –a- Hero were kids get to  blast cos players with Nerf bullets to help raise money.

In 2020 We had started doing our own themed events (Who Are You Gonna Call – Ghostbusters Night, Marvel Day, Galactic Easter Hunt, Canada Day Fundraiser, End of July event, Iconic Carz Expo, Creepy Halloween and Christmas Photos.) and included more food items… To our surprise, we received a lot of praise and adding funds to our fundraising cause.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restriction some events were green lighted and other were canceled.

For this year we are expanding our business once again. Working with Fraser Health we are setting up a food trailer to help continue our fundraising quest bring all your favorite like:

Cotton Candy – Mini Doughnuts – Theater Style Popcorn – Soft serve Ice Cream – Hot Dogs – Chicken Strips – Fries – Onion Rings – Cheese Sticks – Pizzas and more.

At this point we are still working on the where’s and when’s and at what capacity we are allowed, following health guidelines.

So stay tuned

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