This year we added a new addition to our collection, a 1998, first year returning, VW beetle sporting the classic number and stripes from the Love Bug. This little car is a head turner. We will be completting our classic 1963 VW Beetle ( HERBIE ) for the summer of 2020. Look to see the two side…

Starsky and Hutch

Starsky and Hutch – Zebra 3 this car was bought 70% complete with some mechanical issues.  This car has some minor issues , it was painted to movie specs ( Looks amazing from 15 feet) in the next years this car will be fully rebuilt and restored – Special thanks to Ed Wasney from Wasneys…

Rosco Police Car

Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane’s police car The beloved part of Rosco was Played by James Best. There was no Hero Car in the Dukes of Hazzard like the General lee to base this replica after but after watching many show we have a very good idea how it should be. After all who doesn’t love…

Barbie’s Ruby Rocket

For 2019, this 1985 Corvette will be our Barbie Ruby Rocket, inspired by the classic 1985 Pink Barbie Corvette. This car will be fully restored to it’s original glory. Look for it at the carshows.

Knight Rider

Knight Rider – KITT this is a very interesting car to build.  Our Knight Rider “KITT Replica” is based on the 1st & 2nd season.  We have completed the dash for Aug 2016 and completed the interior for 2017. Come and have a conversation with our KITT.  The Hoff will be proud.

General lee poster 1
General lee poster 1

Dukes OF Hazzard Car

The Dukes of Hazzard Car. Our Dukes of Hazzard car is completed And in a form that would make any Duke proud. After many hours speaking with members who worked on the show /Movie, Our Dukes of Hazzard car  came together and has best of all worlds, see for yourself . In 2017, the Dukes…

Fall Guy

The Fall Guy is an American action/ adventure television program produced from November 4, 1981 to May 2, 1986. It stared Lee Majors, Douglas Barr and Heather Thomas. Our version of this Iconic truck is 100% completed and was at the POCO Carshow 2017.


Buford T Justice’s Police Car, after 8 years looking for this car… we found a gem! 64km on original paint we are now looking to complete our Smokey and the Bandit collection.


The Bandit, In 1977 the movie “Smokey and the Bandit” took theaters by storm, changing Trans Am sales and making the Trans Am an iconic car. Our Bandit is 95% completed, to be complete 2021.



A-Team Van Our A-TEAM van was not the most expensive to build but very frustrating to make to stay period correct and find all the parts was a challenge to find the van was a challenge ( most vans cargo are very banged up and beaten) rims and other period correct stuff like CB, sun…