About Us

It has always been a childhood dream of mine to be able to build my dream cars such as The Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T,  The General Lee, The A-Team Van and more.  The cars from the “feel good” shows of the 80’s that all had a simple message, crazy stunts and where nobody died or got seriously hurt.  The idea was to build these cars, take them to shows and raise awareness to help kids.  This is an idea that I had been kicking around for about 20 years.

The inspiration came from a very special man,  Lou,  in Edmonton who said to me, “don’t wait till you are 70 years old to build your General Lee.  Life is about moments.  Enjoy them.”  He went on to say something along the lines of,  “I have waited all my life to build my replica Bullitt Car  (68 Dodge Charger).  The fact of the matter is there is never the right time.  Don’t wait until you are old to hope to see the country or fulfill your dreams.  You might never get the chance to.  Don’t get old and have regrets.”

This got me thinking.  How many couples do you know that say,  “when we retire we are going to travel and see the world.”  How many actually do?  So, at the age of 43 I decided that my time was now.  In 2014 Iconic Carz was officially born.  Building cool cars, taking them to events to attract attention, raising money, putting smiles on faces, and generating awareness to a cause was our mission.

The addition of the sign shop came about when I got the equipment to do my own decals.  We were able to easily reproduce decals and promotional items for Iconic Carz, from cups, posters, vinyl decals and shirts.  After many requests from others wanting similar or specialized items, we decided to expand into a full-service, commercial print shop and can help you with any of your printing and laminating needs.

 Please see our other sites:

www.iconicshirtz.com, www.iconiccarzexpo.comwww.galacticeaster.com, www.iconicsignz.com, www.iconicprintz.com,