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KERT Landscaping Ltd.

KERT Landscaping Ltd. is a business working in the Tri-City area since 2000. Today, we are strictly known as a snow clearing company. Originally, Kert Landscaping was a construction landscaping company known for quality work, traditional European craftsmanship, and timely project completion.

Steven is the oldest son of Fred Eglsaer, hailing from Montreal. Steven has been involved in the landscaping profession since 1986 when he started working for the family-owned and managed company called KERT Landscape Ltd. KERT Landscape Ltd. has been a very reputable business, providing superior service to Montreal and surrounding areas from 1962 to 2012. They were a fully licensed and insured landscape design and installation company in the summer and a premium snow removal company in the winter.

Contact: info@kertlandscaping.com

Iconic Carz - Entertainment

Iconic Carz Ltd, One day in 2012, after completing a job and putting the tools in the truck, there was a stabbing pain in my left knee. I found out that I had torn my MCL, and after a few doctor visits with doctors and specialist, I was advised to end my landscaping career.

Kert Landscaping continued through 2012-13 using sub-contractors to help out, but the quality of craftsmanship was not the same and the knee was just not healing like it should.

In 2013, in the middle of the night, the idea of Iconic Carz Ltd. was born. The landscaping company would become a winter business focusing on snow clearing and the dream of building TV show cars would be the summer job.

Kert Landscaping Ltd. was always active in the community through fundraisers and annual donations to various charities.

Together We Can Make a Difference.

Building TV show cars and taking them to do fundraising is a great deal of fun, but as a business it doesn’t work that well. Throughout this, people started asking if we could do signage and shirts for them for their business and this spun Iconic Carz into another direction. In 2022 Iconic Carz was re-branded to Iconic Carz – Entertainment to separate the events and carz from the sign shop. 2019-2022 During the pandemic we were able to our part in helping to raise funds. In 2023 we are starting to take Iconic Carz -Entertainment into a different direction, less TV Show Carz and more Iconic Classics more videos and same fun. We will still be doing our part to make a difference and you will still see us at shows every where.

Contact: info@iconiccarz.com

Iconic Carz-Signz and Apparelz

In 2015, Iconic Carz Signz and Apparelz was born. This is a complete one stop shop for all your business needs; from signs to shirts and much more.

This gave me the flexibility to earn money during the summer months and really explore my creativity, and provide the quality work and traditional European craftsmanship that I was so missing from my landscaping business.

Under Iconic Carz-Signz and Apparelz  a one stop print shop, we are able to help you with all your projects as well increasing our fundraising by selling our own line products, from shirts, mugs and prints of various sizes at the event along with printing and displaying multiple 20 foot backdrops and working with cos players.  

Contact: info@iconiccarz.com

Visit our online store here.


Fun Food Junkies

Fun Food Junkies, During the pandemic, it was decide to expand the food side of Iconic Carz. Taking the fun from Iconic Carz and the quality from Kert Landscaping, and building a one of a kind food trailer for everyone to enjoy. This is a fully certified Food Trailer serving everything from ice cream and mini donuts to chicken strips, burgers and fries.

Serving Classics Like:

Chicken Strips, French Fries, Cauliflower Bites, Onion Rings, Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Strips, Hot Dogs, Veggie Dogs, Pizza, Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Mini Donuts, Dole Whip, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Pop, Slush Puppy, Floats, Screamers and much more.

Contact: info@funfoodjunkies.com

Where to find us at our next event.  https://funfoodjunkies.com/find-all-of-us/

If you would like to donate and help fund a project or give to our cause awesome!

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Over the last 10 years, Kert Landscaping Ltd & Iconic Carz Ltd,  have helped raised almost $150,000, by our t-shirt program, fundraising, donating equipment and materials, and fundraising with our cars, cosplayers and more. We look forward to do more in the future. Our main focus is helping kids.

We believe, that all children deserve the best life possible.

Good News!

Now you can also donate your bottle to us. Drop your bottle off at any Return It Center

Enter our phone number ( 778 549 4771 ) or name ( Iconic Carz ). We thank you for your donation

Kert Landscaping Ltd, donates the use of trucks and equipment all year and gives donations yearly.

Iconic Carz – Entertainment, builds TV show cars not to raffle off and make money on. We keep, store and take them to fundraising events to help raise more money. We also do events and work with various talents and volunteer .

Iconic Carz – Signz and Apparelz, We donate clothing to fundraising groups, sale our shirts at events where we donate a portions to fundraising groups, and donate material and printing time to various causes as well as our t-shirt program.

Fun Food Junkies, is our newest outlet, where we serve up food for school PAC fundraising events and as well as our own events, offering discounts and other ways to help raise funds.